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About Us

Striving to make cricket coaching accessible through technology


Cricket Vision was founded early in 2014 by the Doughty brothers, Tim and Ben. It was launched because they saw that there was an opportunity to help clubs thrive with their weekly coaching. The idea was to get newly qualified coaches into jobs at local clubs. This made sure that Cricket Vision did not have to charge the club a huge amount for coaching services and also served as a foundation for new coaches to really improve their skills. That said, all our coaches go through a vigorous recruitment process to ensure they offer a quality service to all our clients.   


Local cricket clubs rely heavily on commercial sponsorships to run and therefore do not want to be spending a fortune on quality coaching. This is why we aim to give back to the clubs by sharing a proportion of our profits with them. Cricket Vision is about helping clubs grow the cricket community across the country by giving them the resources they need. Since launch we have worked with numerous clubs around the Buckinghamshire area and have organised over 25 holiday camps.


We are now at the stage where we can really enhance our digital

offering. We aim to improve accessibility for all parties and make booking a private session as easy as booking an Uber. Over the next couple of years we will be launching a platform that brings together venues, coaches and players so all you have to do as a player is pick a venue, date and time and you will then soon be assigned a coach. 

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