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Are you a year 11, year 12 or year 13 student and want to get into cricket coaching? Then you are in the right place.

What is the CCP programme?

Cricket Vision will be sponsoring a number of students each year to go through the CCP Programme. Throughout the programme we will support you through the qualifications to ensure you have the best chance of passing.


In the first year you will go through the All Stars training  which will enable you to improve your coaching skills and give back to the cricketing community by volunteering your services at the All Stars sessions round the local area.

In the second year, Cricket Vision will pay for your ECB Level 1 qualification and assuming you pass, you will then coach for us voluntarily for 10 hours before being paid for your work. Lastly, once you have 2 years of coaching experience, we will then pay for your level 2 qualification which will enable you to become one of our head coaches at our camps and make up to £80 per day. If you pass the Level 2 qualification then you will have to coach 20 hours for us voluntarily before getting paid. 

  • Can I skip the first year and go straight to the level 1?
    If you are in year 12 or 13, yes you are able to. However, we will ideally look for those who have some voluntary coaching experience or play cricket at a good level.
  • Can I pay for the qualification myself and not do the voluntary hours?
    Yes, of course! We would be happy for you to pay for the qualification yourself and then get paid straight away.
  • If I pay for the qualification myself will Cricket Vision still support me?
    Yes, we will support you through your qualification whether you pay for it or not!
  • I am at University and keen to get into coaching, am I able to apply for the programme?"
    Unfortunately not, however, if you self-funded your qualification then we would be more than happy to support you through this and provide you with jobs once you are qualified!
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