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Are Test Matches becoming less popular?

Updated: Jul 9, 2020

Are Test Matches still the most popular form of the game?

The popularity of the traditional test match has seemed to have been overtaken by the shorter forms of the game such as 20/20s. Is this a tactic to modernise the game?

Since the introduction of competitions around the world such as the IPL and Big Bash, the popularity of the shorter version of the game have skyrocketed! The entertainment factor has enabled these forms of the game to bring a crowd, but is this a way to get those who are new to cricket into the sport? Definitely.

Every sport always looks to encourage new people to get involved whether it be as a player or spectator. The first official 20/20 games were played on 13th June 2003 between the English counties in the Twenty20 cup. The ECB have recently brought out a scheme called All Stars which a few of the clubs we work with are a part of. This is just one scheme to entice young players into the sport to increase the grassroots cricketers across the country. Over the next few years we are going to be working with schools around the area to help with providing volunteers to these clubs.

To end, I'm going to leave you a question to ponder about.

With the Ashes coming up this summer currently, do you think this famous battle between two great nations will ever become a 20/20 affair instead of a test match?

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