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At Home Cricket: Week 2

We have come to the end of our second week of our ‘At Home Cricket’ campaign and are continually adapting to our new normal by staying at home. We are delighted to announce that you can now send in your videos to us via WhatsApp on 07388352243. In addition to this we will be starting to integrate some more challenges for all so there is no barrier to get involved. This will include indoor challenges using objects everyone will have in their households. 

Day 7 - Forward Defensive 

The challenge of ensuring the first bounce is within the cones you have set out is important to ensure that your technique is proving successful. The aim of the forward defensive is to not only protect your wicket but to make sure that the ball is being hit straight into the ground in order to avoid any upsets at the crease. One of the coaching points Ben outlines in the video is about keeping your bat and pad together. This is key as we have seen many batsmen get out because of not following this simple coaching point so be strict on yourself when self-coaching yourself on this. 

Day 8 - Reaction Catching 

This is a great one to get some other people in your household involved and please do get them off the sofa and get competitive! See how many you can do in a row and if you are finding it easy then you can release the ball nearer the floor and vice versa. 

Day 9 - Bat Handle Keep Ups 

This one is slightly harder than our day one challenge in that the handle is a rounded surface so it is even harder to ensure the ball bounces on it. This is still a great drill to do before you head into bat but just remember to make sure you don’t go out batting trying to hit the ball with the handle!

Day 10 - Dominant Top Hand Forward Drive

This drill points out an important coaching point when playing any front foot shot, which is to ensure that your top hand remains dominant throughout the shot. If the power of the shot is coming from your bottom hand then it will be more likely that the ball will go in the air and you risk being caught. Therefore, try and play the drive with just your top hand and put your bottom hand behind your back. 

NB: For right handers your top hand is your left hand, and for left hand batsmen the top hand is your right hand


Keep sending in your videos via Instagram, WhatsApp (as above) or email to

Stay safe. Stay at home. Stay involved in cricket.

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