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At Home Cricket: Week 3

Wow time does fly! We are already three weeks into lockdown and we now have confirmation that we will be living in lockdown for another three weeks. However, don’t you worry we will be carrying on as normal posting cricket challenges and tips for the next three weeks at least! Keep reading for the low down on the challenges and drills we set last week.

Day 11 - Target Bowling

This is a simple one to set up and all you need is some shoes and a ball, you don’t even need stumps as the main aim of this drill is to hit the target area you have set out. When bowling, it really does help if you continually focus on where you aim to bounce the ball and don’t lose sight of that target until you have followed through. 

Day 12 - Hit The Targets

You will see many more challenges like this as we want to try and reach everyone across the country whether they have access to a garden or not. We want to integrate challenges that use basic household items so if you have any ideas please do let us know by contacting us using the details at the end of this blog. When linking this back to any cricket techniques the one thing that comes to mind is what you need to do with your non-throwing arm. It really does help to point your non-throwing arm towards the target and like bowling focus on what you are aiming at until you follow through. 

Day 13 - Underarm Flick

This one is all about being as quick as possible to hit the stumps before the batsmen manage to make a quick single. If you are right handed, make sure that when you approach the ball you put your right foot next to the ball as you pick it up (vice versa for the left handers). This is because you want to avoid stepping through and your knee knocking your arm which could in turn cause the ball to fall out of your hand. Throughout this drill it is key to keep the pace up and get through it as quickly as possible as you are trying to stop the batsman complete a run!

Day 14 - Sweep Shot

This shot is a favourite for many people and what better use of empty loo rolls than using it as a batting tee! Make sure that when you step forward towards the ball (or tee) you keep your balance and ensure your head is over the ball. As with any front foot shot, we want to make sure the ball is hit along the ground. The sweep shot is hit behind you and therefore it might be a good idea to set up a target area to aim for if you like. However, make sure you are not hitting the ball towards any windows or anything! Look out for the reverse sweep coming up in a future video…


If you are a cricket coach and would like to set a challenge of your own, please do get in contact as we would be delighted to bring ideas together from coaches in order to help us unite cricketers across the UK. 

Contact details: Email: WhatsApp: 07388352243

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