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At Home Cricket: Week 5

We announced this week that we will now be posting videos three times a week, on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. We have made this decision as the Easter holidays are over and there are a lot more activities happening now in households around the country (home schooling etc). However, we would love to hear from you about what you want to see more of or anything new you want to see in our videos. If you have any requests from us please get in touch and email Below you can see a little write up on each of the videos from this week!

Day 20 - Head Catch

All you need is a tennis ball for this, or any type of ball for that matter… maybe not a glass one though! There is no real technique to this but it will help with improving your hand eye coordination. Of course the heavier the ball is the harder it becomes, so you can start with a tennis ball and work your way up to a cricket ball. 

Day 21 - Pull Shot

This shot is crucial if you want to take advantage of those short balls you are given from the bowler. Tim has set out a metal bin to aim for and it is a great idea to do this as it will make you focus on hitting the ball along the ground. The person who is feeding can either do an underarm feed or if you have fairly even ground then they could bounce the ball into you. The one thing you need to remember though are the two key coaching points:

  • You need to step back and across in order to protect your stumps

  • Your bat path as it hits the ball must go from high to low

Day 21 - Clapping Catch

This is just a bit of a fun one really that tests not only your catching but your ability to catch very fast! Of course to get the most claps in is to throw the ball up as high as possible together with catching it as low as possible. How many can you do? Let us know by sending in your videos to our WhatsApp on 07388352243 or DM us on Instagram (@cricketvision1).


We hope you are enjoying our ‘At Home Cricket’ campaign. Don’t forget that by sending in your videos you will be entered into winning a pair of tickets to Lord’s… so what are you waiting for!

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