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At Home Cricket: Week 7

We have now come to the end of our penultimate week… doesn’t time fly! Together with our last three videos next week, we will be uploading some of our coaches having a go to see if you can beat them so keep an eye out. Here is the low down of this week’s challenges...

Day 25 - Round The World Combo

If you found our other bat keep ups easy then here is a more challenging one to have a go at. Start with doing bat keep ups on the face of the bat. Then do the round the world where you bounce the ball on the side, back, side and then face again. After one bounce on the face - flip the bat over to do one bounce on the handle of the bat. 

Day 26 - Ruth Strauss Foundation #26tapchallenge 

We thought that it was fitting to make day 26 a 2.6 challenge. We chose to support the Ruth Strauss Foundation and had a go at their #26tapchallenge. Due to lots of events being cancelled, lots of charities are struggling to fundraise during these times. Therefore, if you are close to a charity, please do get involved with a 2.6 challenge if they are running one and do donate if you can. 

If you would like to help the Ruth Strauss Foundation then please follow the instructions Tim set out. If you can donate then please click here.

Day 27 - Catching Your Balance

Keeping your balance is key in cricket so we have integrated this into a catching drill. This is a simple one to set up. Grab three tennis balls and a household member. Take each of your feet and balance them on a tennis ball. Then get your household member to throw the third ball for you to catch. How many can you get before losing your balance? Don’t forget to send in your efforts. 


We hope you are enjoying the challenges and don’t forget to send in your videos for the chance to win two tickets to Lord’s. Send your videos via WhatsApp on 07388352243, via email on or DM us on Instagram (@cricketvision1).

Stay safe!

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