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At Home Cricket: Week 8

There we have it, 30 at home cricket videos incorporating challenges, tips and tricks to keep you busy at home during lockdown. We are now seeing some light at the end of the tunnel and private coaching will be starting in due course, which we will advertise as and when the clubs give us the go ahead. Below is a little write up on the challenges this week. 

Day 28 - Hitting The Gap

This is a great drill to really bring together a lot of the batting videos we have done during our #athomecricket campaign. Grab some non breakable objects from your house and place them around the wickets, leaving a few gaps in between them. It is up to you how big or small you make the gaps and how many objects you choose to use. Get someone to feed you a few balls and then see how many you can hit through the gaps before hitting an object. If you really want to impress, see if you can play some of the shots we have done during this campaign. 

Day 29 - Cut Shot

This has a few similar technique points to the pull shot in the fact you want to go back and across together with ensuring your bat path goes from high to low. The aim of the shot is to hit the ball down along the ground. To help, you may want to set out a target area so you can aim to make sure the ball bounces before going through it. Grab a partner to feed you some balls and see how many you can get through the target in 6 attempts! 

Day 30 - Egg Catch

We thought that this was a bit of a fun one to finish on, but make sure you don’t break all the eggs in the house… wouldn’t want to miss out on some eggs on toast in the morning now would you! The reason behind doing this drill is to ensure that you cushion the ball when you catch it. If you simply just stick your hands out and let a cricket ball drop into your hands, it is going to hurt! If it is an egg however, it may not hurt but it will break. If it breaks, it will show you that you are not cushioning it enough. Of course if someone throws it very hard at you, the egg will inevitably break so go easy with the throwing! 


The videos from us may be stopping but this doesn’t mean you have to stop having a go and sending in your videos. If you send your videos in before 7th June, you will be in the chance of winning a couple of tickets to Lord’s. To remind you on how you can send in your videos, these can be either via WhatsApp (07388352243), email ( or DM us on Instagram (@cricketvision1).

But as they say… That’s a wrap!

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