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Coaching Is Going Digital

The whole world went remote overnight and this brings flexibility and freedom to people’s work life balance. Here at Cricket Vision, we believe that remote working will become the norm, but where does that leave our coaches and how do we bring them along with us? 

Over the next few months, we will be testing our digital coaching offering with a select few players around the world for free. If you are in a position to send in a video of you playing cricket then sign up by clicking here to be in the chance of being one of these players. To increase your chance of winning then follow us on Instagram (@cricketvision1) and share our digital coaching post on your story. 

Why should coaches be confined to coach in their local area? We think coaches can have a global impact. We are keen to innovate the cricket coaching industry and we think that coaches should have the freedom to coach and have an impact on players across borders. Of course some players prefer being with a coach in person, but there are a lot of technical skills you can learn from a coach completely remote. 

So, how will this work?

We will ask those players chosen to send a video of themselves batting, bowling or fielding (depending on what they want to work on). Once we receive this video, one of our coaches will analyse your technique and send this back for you to take some advice on board. 

When do we want to launch this more widely?

We would like to launch our first iteration of this in the UK summer of 2021 providing the feedback we get is positive. 

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