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Cricket & COVID: A reflection of the 2020 season

The 2020 cricket season has been far from normal. Despite the nationwide lockdown coming into force just a few weeks before the start of the season, we were still hopeful for cricket to go ahead, albeit with a small delay. The lockdown continued for 2 months before it was announced at the end of May that private coaching and training could go ahead under certain guidelines. There were now signs that cricket games could go ahead and come 11th July this was the case.

Here at Cricket Vision, we had to cancel our camps that were planned to go ahead in April. However, we knew that cricketers around the country would want to get involved in some form of cricket while remaining at home. This is why just 4 days after the lockdown in the UK was announced, our ‘At Home Cricket’ campaign was born. This campaign consisted of 30 videos over an 8 week period that gave avid cricketers challenges and drills they could do from home. You can still watch our At Home Cricket videos on our YouTube channel by clicking here.

What positive changes could the lockdown have done to cricket though?

Similar to golf, cricket is one of those sports that thrives during the summer. With nothing else to do and being stuck indoors, what better way to spend your time than taking up a new sport. We noticed that at our camps in August, there were a number of children who were playing cricket for the first time. As a coach, this is always exciting to see but also comes with a lot of responsibility. How you are coached when introduced to cricket will be the difference whether you carry on with the sport or not. We do hope that those who came to our camps for the first time enjoyed themselves. I hope that our experience of new players coming along to our camps has been replicated across the country and the number of our grassroots cricket players will be stronger than ever next season.

We hope that you have all been well during these historic times and of course enjoyed the cricket you could play this season. We look forward to the 2021 season and introducing yet more young cricketers into this wonderful sport. What a season 2020 has been!!

Stay well!

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