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Cricket & Lockdown 2.0

With the whole of England going back into a second lockdown, we understand how hard it can be to keep active when your motivation to do anything suffers. Those keen cricketers among us who were looking forward to keeping up their cricket at indoor venues throughout this month have now been told this cannot happen. 

As you may be aware, we ran an #AtHomeCricket campaign during the first lockdown which includes a few indoor challenges that you are welcome to have a go at during this second lockdown. If the weather holds and you have access to some outdoor space then you could have a go at all of them. Our videos are still available and free to enjoy so if you are getting the cricket season blues then click here for all the videos and have a go!

It is so important to ensure children have the opportunity to go to school and play sports. We are pleased that the government has kept schools open for this reason but if the next few weekends prove difficult with maybe less sport going on outside of school then we urge you and your children to stay active. Whether that be a walk with the dog or a run round the block, it is more important than ever to keep healthy through exercise. We really do believe that a healthy body leads to a healthy mind so we do hope you get out when you can and of course stay safe.

We hope that you stay well over the next month and if you fancy getting some cricket practice or challenges in then don’t forget to visit our at home cricket videos here

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