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Cricket: The wider benefits for your child

As a parent, a few days off during those long summer holidays and a couple of hours free at the weekend seems pretty inviting. But by sending your child to his/her weekly training sessions or holiday cricket camps, you are getting much more than a babysitting service. Exercise, fun and enjoyment are all reasons why we love playing cricket, however there is much, much more which is too often forgotten.

Cricket requires a unique blend of teamwork and individual talent and it is this mix which can have a positive effect on a child’s development. Playing in a team environment helps to develop social skills such as cooperation, communication and it provides a means to meet new people and make new friends. It teaches the importance of self-reliance and determination in the sense that despite this team dynamic, when you come to walk out to bat or bowl your first ball, it is down to you to perform individually. Learning how to cope with winning and losing is a benefit that extends beyond the sporting sphere. Being able to recognise accomplishment and develop a sense of pride is just as important as being able to stay mentally strong and resilient in the face of failure.

Cricket helps children to develop character and the skills nurtured through the game are practiced above and beyond its sporting context. Whether it be studying at school, playing other sports or even when applying to jobs in later life, it is these foundations which benefit us in all walks of life.

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