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Partnership With Millennium Cricket

We are delighted to announce that we will be expanding our bat recycling scheme next year with the help of Millenium Cricket. The idea of our bat recycling scheme is to collect old bats from schools, clubs and individuals in order to refurbish and sell to those who may not be able to afford bats at premium prices. We have made a promise that 50% of our sales from this scheme will go to a charity that will help young boys and girls get into sport. We are yet to confirm our charity of choice but this will be announced when it is agreed. 

The CEO of Millenium Cricket, Henry commented “Millennium Cricket is delighted to partner with Cricket Vision, the provider of professional cricket coaching to the next generation of cricket stars! The partnership will enable students of Cricket Vision to receive discounted bat refurbishments, allowing them to perform at the top of their game. Cricket Vision is a forward-thinking, professional company that we are excited to work with in the coming years on projects such as their bat recycling scheme.”

Tim has said “I am pleased to welcome Millenium Cricket to the Cricket Vision family and I am excited to really scale our bat recycling offering in the coming years with their refurbishment expertise”.

We look forward to working closely with Millenium Cricket and in the meantime if you have any cricket bats you would like to donate then please do get in touch with us on

Stay well!

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