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Student Coaching Opportunities

We are giving up to five sixth form students the opportunity to gain a FREE cricket coaching qualification in time for the 2022 season (dependent on availability of courses). Our Cricket Coaching Pathway (CCP) programme has been running for the last few years and all the coaches who have been through it have passed their assessments and now are able to work at sessions that suit them. We believe that cricket coaching is a great student job to have as you can choose your own hours and be paid no less than £10 per hour, which will increase in the coming years. In recent years, some students have made over £1000 during a season. The more you put in the more you will get out of it.

So what does it involve?

Once you are successful in your application, we will ask you to sign up to the relevant coaching qualification. Once we receive your confirmation of sign up, we will reimburse you the fee you paid. You will then go through the qualification and once you have passed your assessment, you will coach on a voluntary basis for either 10 or 20 hours depending on the qualification you went for. After these voluntary hours, you will then get paid for any work you do for our partner clubs and clients. You will also have the opportunity to get involved in our two and three day camps where you can get up to £80 per day.

If you would be interested in this opportunity then click here to apply.

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